Engaging with Global Digital Humanities Symposium!

Bild Global Digital Humanities Symposium
Foto: Digital Humanities, Michigan State University

Global Digital Humanities Symposium is a conference series organized at Michigan State University that aims at addressing intersectional issues around the digital humanities. The initiative is committed to the promotion of interdisciplinary and ethical projects that preserve and give access to cultural materials especially in “under-resourced and underrepresented areas” (About).

This year the symposium sees its 5th edition. Originally planned as a traditional in-person conference, due to the spread of COVID-19 in recent weeks, the organizers have turned their program into a fantastic virtual event. Registered presenters and attendees will gather together from 26 to 27 March via Zoom to present their papers, share slides and answer the questions from the audience. The virtual event will also be live-streamed on MSU’s Youtube Channel.

The conference organizers are well aware of the technological challenges they might face, so there are a few backup plans.

  • In case the YouTube livestream breaks down, the shortlink to the livestream will be updated and all attendees (whether pre-registered or not) will be welcomed to join the conference via Zoom.
  • In any case, discussions and sharing activities are encouraged via Twitter using the hashtag #MSUGlobalDH. (Note: A Twitter account is not required to view the conference feed but an account is required in order to tweet.)

Proyecto Humboldt Digital (ProHD) fits well into the context of the conference. As an interdisciplinary and intercultural project, it is aimed at a new generation of Cuban and German scholars who want to preserve, develop and research written cultural heritage using the technologies and methods of the digital humanities.

During the conference we will listen to and tweet about selected presentations both in Spanish and English, using the hashtag #MSUGlobalDH. This way, we will provide you with some of the most interesting facts from the talks. Join us!

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